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Repeat Prescriptions


If you are on a regular, long-term medication, your doctor may set up a repeat prescription. This means that you can re-order your regular medication when you are running low on supplies, without needing to see a doctor every time. You will still need to see or speak to a doctor or nurse for unscheduled or one-off medication.
Patients on repeat prescriptions will have a tear-off re-order slip attached to their green prescription. This can be used to indicate to the surgery when you need more of your regular medicines.
Please note that all patients on repeat prescriptions will still have to see a doctor occasionally (for their “review date”) to review their medicines. The review date is printed on the repeat prescription reorder slip.


How to Order Repeat Prescriptions

Please note, requests take 2 full working days to be completed.
We offer a choice of five ways to re-order your medicines
1.Via reception
2.Postal request
3.Via a local pharmacy offering ‘Repeat Collection & Delivery Service’
4.Via Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
5.Via Patient Access
We are unable to take telephone requests for repeat prescriptions.

1.Via Reception
Tick the box(es) on your re-order slip and hand it in at Harvey House Surgery or Jersey Farm Branch Surgery reception. Your prescription (and a new re-order slip) will be available to collect from reception within 2 full working days.

2.Postal Request
Tick the box(es) on your re-order slip and send it to the surgery by post. Please include a stamped addressed envelope. We will issue your prescription and put it in the post within 2 full working days.

3.Via a local pharmacy Repeat Collection & Delivery Service
Many local pharmacists offer a free Repeat Collection and Delivery Service. (Please contact the pharmacist directly and they will explain their system to you). A list of the local pharmacies can be found on the NHS Choices website or via the following link: Local Pharmacies

Please also remember that your local pharmacist also offers face-to-face advice on many aspects of health as well as prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.

4.Electronic Prescription  Service (EPS)
You can ask at Harvey House or Jersey Farm reception or at any pharmacy that offers EPS to add your nomination for you. Nomination means you choose a place for your GP practice to Electronically send your prescription to. You don’t need a computer to use EPS.

You can change your nomination or cancel it and get a paper prescription. If you don’t want your prescription to be sent electronically just tell your GP. If you want to change or cancel your nomination speak to any pharmacist that offers EPS, or at reception. Tell them before your next prescription is due or your prescription may be sent to the wrong place.

5.Patient Access – online request
This also allows you to re-order your prescription on-line, but the prescription will be left for you at the reception of your choice (Harvey House Surgery or Jersey Farm Branch Surgery).

Patient Access also allows you to book appointments and check and amend your address, telephone and email contact details on-line, view your medical record summary, and send a message. For more information, please click on the following link: Patient Access

On this page, we show links to external sites listing pharmacies. Harvey Group Practice does not endorse one particular pharmacy over an other. The above information is provided to permit patients choice in how to manage their provision of repeat prescriptions. We can not be held responsible for the content of any external links not under our control.

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