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Patient Access to their GP Medical Record (16/4/15)

We are keen to enable patients to view their own health care records through Online Patient Services. At present 16% of our patients (approx 2050 people) have on-line access to their medical records and are able to do the following online:

  1. check and update their own details (address, phone numbers, email address)
  2. check and re-order repeat prescription medication
  3. book and cancel appointments with doctor or nurse
  4. send and receive a secure message to and from the practice
  5. view test results, xrays or scans performed at local hospital at request of the GP and see the GP’s comments

These online patient services are available through www.patient.co.uk. We actively promote Patient Access (which we have been offering to patients for over seven years).

In the future we aim also to enable for patients to view sections of their own GP medical records. This is dependent upon patient.co.uk finalising their update to the ‘Care Record Viewer” component of the online patient access portal. It is also dependent upon our IT system supplier enabling fully secure access to clinical records within our clinical system (EMISweb).