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Do you care for someone who relies on you?

They may be your child, partner or parent, or a friend or neighbour, and they might live with you or live elsewhere. The person you look after might have a physical or learning difficulty, be ill or frail, or have mental health problems or misuse drugs or alcohol.

Young carers are young people who help look after someone in their family and take on responsibilities normally handled by an adult.

Whatever your situation let your GP know you are a carer, or ask to speak to your carer’s champion at the surgery.

You also need to look after your own health and well- being. 

Carers in Hertfordshire is a charity providing free help and support to any carer living or working in the county. It exists to support people in their caring role, and all their services are free.

They can be contacted as follows:

Tel: 01992 58 69 69

Email: contact@carersinherts.org.uk

Website: www.carersinherts.org.uk

Carers in Hertfordshire offer a range of services including the following:

Young Carers Service provides support for ages 8 – 18, and their families, to make sure their caring responsibilities don’t stop them from having the opportunities, and social life, that other young people enjoy.

Specific support for people caring for those with dementia, drug or alcohol issues, mental health problems or learning disabilities, as well as parent carers.

A variety of free courses, workshops and local trips are available, to give carers a break and some time for themselves.  Learn a new skill or try a course to help you in your caring, like managing a personal budget or manual handling; or join one of the day trips to local attractions.

Support Groups exist across the county to help put you in touch with your local group.  Having the time and space to talk to other people who look after someone and understand what you are going through can help you feel less isolated, find out useful information, and have some time to yourself to relax and chat.

May 2016

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