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The Nursing Team

Meet the Nursing Team


Our permanent nurse team comprises of Carolyn Downs, Dawn Spooner, Ruth Calthrop, Sybil Pearson, Lucy Bishop and Shirley Arnopp. Gerri Warnes also covers absences for nurse clinics for part of the year.

What they do….

Minor Infections

Except in babies aged under six weeks (unless just sticky eyes), or for those with a bad cough and suspected chest infection.

Minor Illness

  • bruises
  • eye infections
  • sore throat
  • urine infections
  • cuts
  • hay fever
  • sprains
  • verrucas
  • cystitis
  • head lice
  • threadworms
  • warts
  • earache
  • earwax
  • rashes
  • thrush

Keeping Healthy

  • blood pressure checks
  • cervical smears
  • dietary advice
  • hormone replacement
  • travel advice/vaccinations
  • pre-pregnancy counselling
  • well-man checks


Advice and renewal of prescriptions


  • dressings
  • hearing tests
  • injections
  • hormone implants
  • insect bites
  • ECG’s
  • immunisations
  • removal of stitches
  • eczema
  • ingrown toe nails

Nurse Carolyn Downs

Useful tips to help make the most of your nurse’s time:

Multiple problems – please book a double appointment
Do you have a ‘shopping list’ of problems that you have been saving up? If so, please consider booking a double routine appointments.

Surgeries are booked with back- to -back appointments. To help us run to time, you may be asked to make another appointment if you have multiple problems that can not be safely dealt with in a single appointment.

Booking a travel appointment?
Please book a double appointment. This allows the nurse enough time to safely go through your travel needs. Please see the travel clinic section for more details.